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Erika Zauner


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Erika is the Founder & CEO of HealthKick, a corporate health and wellness business that empowers people to achieve peak performance through wellbeing. HealthKick works with organizations of all sizes to provide inspiring wellness services and perks to employees, including access to top wellness experts and healthy living lifestyle brands. HealthKick also collaborates with women's networks and professional women's groups to offer a program specifically designed at empowering women professionally and personally through wellbeing. Prior to forming HealthKick, Erika was an Associate at GE Capital where she also led her business unit's fitness initiatives as part of GE's corporate wellness program, Health Ahead . She joined GE Capital after graduating from Columbia Business School in 2011. Erika began her career at Fieldstone Private Capital Group, a boutique investment banking advisory firm. She graduated from Princeton University in 2003 and the Hackley School in 1999. She is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and is fortunate to share this passion and the power of wellbeing with others through HealthKick.
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