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Sue Townsen


  • Member Since: Thursday, 15 August 2013
  • Organization: Partner

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Sue is KPMG’s Advisory Leader for the East Region of the United States and a senior partner in KPMG’s advisory practice in New York. Sue is passionate about helping other women, believing strongly that we have an obligation to pay it forward. She is currently Chair of KPMG’s Woman’s Advisory Board, leading a board of 19 partners (both men and women), working to advance gender diversity and help build an inclusive culture at KPMG. Sue also is a member of KPMG’s Diversity Advisory Board. Sue has over 27 years of risk management and risk/internal control experience with Fortune 500 multinational and other companies and serves as lead partner on two priority global insurance companies. Sue assists clients and Boards with architecting programs to meet governance, regulatory and business requirements. Sue also sits on two not for profit boards, Women’s Initiative for Small Business, a not for profit dedicated to helping under-privileged women start and successfully run small businesses in local New York communities and Civic Consulting USA, an organization specializing in public-private pro bono partnerships to help government leaders tackle their toughest issues. Sue is also a member of and mentor for W.O.M.E.N. in America, a professional development group aimed at advancing promising professional women. Sue is a frequent speaker on women’s initiatives.
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