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Grace Zuncic


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As Chobani’s SVP of Corporate Development & Strategy, Grace Zuncic touches nearly every piece of the company. On a given day you might find Grace walking a factory floor to meet with employees, laying out strategic direction, executing key priorities for the business or inspiring the world-class team behind the brand.

As founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya’s right hand and a member of Chobani’s executive team, Grace works alongside Hamdi and her colleagues to lead corporate strategy, helping set the direction for the business and ensuring that the company stays true to its defining founding values, even in the face of incredible growth. She also mentors new employees and helps foster Chobani’s culture worldwide. Every day, she identifies crucial priorities for the future while simultaneously helping the company live up to its nothing but good philosophy in everything it does.

Grace's skills sharpened during a career in the top tiers of the financial industry and at Harvard Business School. Grace lives in New York City with her husband, Eric, and loves running, skiing, travel and helping people.
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