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Mary Garrett


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Mary Garrett is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for IBM Global Sales and Distribution, an organization which operates and extends IBM's presence in 170 markets worldwide. Mary's responsibilities include leading IBM's global marketing and communications for industries, small and medium business, and ISV alliances. She also leads the development and execution of unique marketing strategies for both mature and growth markets.

Prior to this, Mary led worldwide marketing strategy and activities for IBM Global Technology Services, a $32 billion technology services business for IBM. In 2006, she was in charge of the transformation project office that drove the turnaround of Global Technology Services from negative performance to 16% year-to-year growth by the first quarter of 2008. As part of the transformation, Mary focused on revitalizing and differentiating the global services portfolio through greater alignment to market characteristics and client needs.

Mary has deep experience in the services business, including a business leadership position as Vice President of Distribution Channels and Midmarket for IBM Global Services, driving a $6 billion business.

She has held various sales and marketing management roles spanning the IBM business, across industries, product groups, geographic regions and at the corporate level. While in corporate marketing, Mary led a complex restructuring project across IBM to improve the alignment of marketing resources and gain operational efficiencies globally.

Mary joined IBM in 1981 as an electrical engineer designing advanced prototypes for leading-edge display and speech recognition technologies at IBM's Yorktown Heights Research Laboratory. She holds a patent for her work on the Yorktown Automatic Speech Recognition Engine.

Mary received a bachelor's degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from Boston University and a master's degree in Bio-Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Mary has two teenage boys who keep her connected to latest trends and a supportive husband with a wonderful sense of humor.
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