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Samantha Gloede is an Executive Director in KPMG’s Strategic Investments and Innovation practice based in New York. Samantha leads the execution of KPMG's global Technology Enablement strategy, and is also the Program Director for the firm's Tech Innovation Strategic Growth Initiative. Samantha has over 17 years of experience with KPMG, predominantly in the IT Advisory practice. Prior to joining the Strategic Investments and Innovation practice in New York, she worked in the IT Advisory practice in Sydney for seven years delivering IT Advisory engagements to clients in the Asia-Pacific region as well as a COO role for IT Advisory nationally. From 2001 to 2004, Samantha undertook a prior three year rotation to the New York Information Risk Management practice. Samantha has also worked extensively in the Asia-Pacific region (in particular: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Japan), as well as in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Samantha holds the position of Board Chair of the New York Chapter of Back on My Feet (BoMF). Founded in 2007, BoMF is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating independence and self-sufficiency within the homeless and other underserved populations by first engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. The organization does not provide food nor shelter, but instead provides a community that embraces equality, respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership. Back on My Feet’s approach focuses on the very profound and innate desire for all of us – regardless of age, race, socio-economic status – to feel recognized, appreciated, valued and important.

Samantha is a member of the Advisory Board of Animal Haven, a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption. Founded in 1967, Animal Haven operates an animal shelter in Manhattan, and provides programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.

Samantha is an avid runner, having run 7 marathons to date: Philadelphia (2012); Paris (2013, 2014); New York (2013, 2014, 2015); Rome (2015); and is currently training for the 2016 Boston Marathon.
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